Idiomem tegorocznego Festiwalu Młoda Malta 2015 jest „Rytm mojego świata”

Wywiad z koordynatorem projektu, p. Alicją Łozińską na temat tegorocznej edycji festiwalu Młoda Malta.

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Prezentacja grup teatralnych, które wystąpiły na Festiwalu Młoda Malta 2015.

Zespół Szkół Da Vinci

Teachers: Jolanta Kończak

Students: Zuzanna Duda, Ania Bednarek, Paulina Jackowiak, Łukasz Kasprzyk, Hania Żerko, Julia Stroemich

„Pięć Minut” / „Five minutes”

Who is closer to you? Izydor, who desires fame, popularity, takes part in talk-shows and tries to sell his image at all cost? Or maybe Iwona, who is shy, grey and doesn’t need any attention? In the play that is being put out by the students of Da Vinci school, we can see what influence does media have on people, how important is popularity, being trendy, and that many of us want to have his/her own ‘Five minutes’ – as the play is called. We invite You to see the play!




LekkoBezmyślni z III Liceum Ogólnokształcącego im. św. Jana Kantego w Poznaniu

Teacher: Alicja Bilicka Jaranowska

Students: Kamil Cender, Hanna Rzeszut, Iga Wiśniewska, Alicja Kozajda, Adam Zys, Karol Loręcki, Oktawia Mikulska, Michał Zielazek

„The Tricycle” is a play reperesenting the Theatre of the Absurd. Panic Theater.

The characters are big children, infantile clochards rejected by the system, who do not understand the reality which surrounds them. Climando, the protagonist, manages to grasp some of the mechanisms governing the world, which he would like to join. He knows that the bike is the only chance for survival. Unfortunately, the day to pay the next installment for the bike is coming. Will he be able to tell the good from the evil?

http://wtkplay.pl/video-id-5583-trojkolowy_rowerek_niezwykly_spektakl_w_iii_lo http://ikasperska.wix.com/ideo-trans#!ideo-trans/c1t44




Escola Sagrada Família del Masnou

Teachers: Xevi Camps and Josep Mayolas

Students: Pol Hinojosa, Carla Àrias, Aleix Tena, Marc Tena, Aleix Larraga i Marc Martos

The play “The rhythm of our world”, written and performed by the theater class of Sagrada Familia in El Masnou, looks at the world differently. The class wanted to focus on a relevant issue, and they have been using theatral improvisations to develop the story. The world has many problems. People are hurting the Earth, and everyone wants power. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

BISC Wrocław

Teachers: Peter Thomas, Andy Harris

Students: Jooyoung Park, JeongMin Hong, Hayoon Lee, Noeun Kwon, Sanghee Park

The girls do 3 dances. KPop is a cross-over cultural form of Pop Music. Traditional elements of Korean dance are fused with modern western ideas of dance from Pop videos. The movements illustrate the words and the feelings, while being choreographed as a series of solos within a group setting. The planning is often Mathematical, in terms of who moves where and when.


BISC Kraków

Teachers: Chris Riley, Katarzyna Stepniak

Students: Wilton Frezza, Himanshu Pathak, Agata Zur, Kristina Moskalenko, Sanjana Samadar

„Trading Places”

Wherever we go in the world we'll find some kind of market which creates its own world. It seems rooted in one place but the produce and the people come from many places. They contain their own worlds with the seeds of ambition, anger, sorrow and hope. Each one, like a blossoming flower, brings a small part of their hidden world to colour this tiny market world within a world. The hidden stories of the buyers and sellers are a part it is easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of finding and feeding ourselves but it is the hidden world which makes our world blossom. Let's celebrate it!

Zespół Szkół im. Królowej Jadwigi w Jerzykowie

Teachers: Joanna Tanaś, Anna Szymańska

Students: Aleksandra Wyrwas, Sandra Kacperczyk, Roksana Knasiak, Julia Jerzyńska, Marika Błażejczyk, Mateusz Paluch.

„Between you and me”

Who are we? Where do we come from? Why is there evil in the world? All these questions became an inspiration for the play.

Different creatures are born in the world ruled by the elements. The Earth is being born into life again but the idyll doesn’t last forever. It slowly becomes a memory. The world transforms into chaos and destruction. It’s being ruined by the man - a prisoner of his own emotions. Loneliness, lack of love and peace, hatred and indifference make the world become gloomy.






Chichiri Secondary School

Teachers: Mr Louis Zulu/Mr Chipi Mlenga

Students: Alice Malunga and Vincent Nawanga

„The Man Next to Me”

The play centers at the respect of each other regardless of gender, race, religion or color. It sorrounds on current issues going around the world on how people are looking down upon each other. Everyone regards his/her ideologies as superior to someone’s ideologies and this is promoting and perpatuating violence among people. Discrimination all over the world has corrupted human minds and those who face discrimination in one way or the other live in an inferiority complex. The production is a two man play of 30 minutes and the characters will play diffent roles.

The play starts with the tradition dance and this dance show how powerful art is when bringing diffent poeple togather even if they having differences in life. The story tackles on how albinos are being attacked and killed because of misconceptions that thier bones makes some rich through ritual and this is commonly happening in Africa including Malawi.



Gimnazjum im. Feliksa Szołdrskiego w Nowym Tomyślu

Drama Group “8 Minutes”

Teachers: Aleksandra Antoniewicz-Kaszczyńska, Renata Orlicka (supporting teacher: Lucyna Bernaczyk)

Students: Julia Kasperczak, Emilia Kozłowska, Szymon Łodyga, Dawid Młodystach, Agnieszka Przewoźna

„Take a look” Take a look. If you didn't make it yesterday, make a fresh start today. It's never too late. Take a close look into another's eyes and you'll get a glimpse of their soul.




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Plakat Mloda Malta 1 1

Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium, Seelze, Niemcy

Teachers: Silke Gutzeit

Students: Pia May, Zoé Meyer, Timon Sohl, Jassin Ali, Parand Parsaeian, Jennifer Cordua, Sara Scholl

„Gefangen – Zwischen Leben und Tod” / „Caught in-between life and death”

Kathrine is 16 years old, depressed and suicidal. Her mother died several years ago and her father works 24/7, so he doesn't have to confront Kathrine and himself with the loss.

When she is alone in her room, all her feelings and problems fall down on her and follow her like a nightmare. Her innerself asks the questions nobody asks, and she is not sure about the right answers. Her feelings take out the fight in her head: „Joy” is scared away from the others, „Sadness” and „Anger” take over the thinking. Sometimes „Madness” and „Fear” work together to overthrow the system. And Kathrine doesn't know what to do. Sometimes she is so frustrated, she can't stand to see her friends and family anymore, not even her life.

„Sadness” and „Anger” bring the depression up to the point where she wants to kill herself. But does she really? Is there any hope?



Saint Roch’s Secondary School

Teachers: Chris Sagan, Brenda Thomson

Students: Sophie Thompson, Erin Crawford, Megan Mackay, Neovi Gough, Andile Ngwenya

„Fair Dooz” / „Fair Enough”

Centres around a teenage girl living in an inner city High Rise. Step father (heavy drinker) abusing mother and teenage girl. Teenage girl turns to drugs. General decline of family with police involvement. Teenage girl finds a solution to the family problem.

K.A.A.J.J. z Gimnazjum nr 9 w Poznaniu

Teachers: Renata Ziomek, Rafał Bartnik

Students: Julia Każiemirczak, Alicja Stępnik, Katarzyna Batygolska, Zuzanna Masłowska, Justyna Kawczyńska, Joanna Stępnik

„Krok po kroku...” / „Step by step”

Our life is energy which we use to response to signals. Each period of life is the opposition of entropy. The biggest chaos of seeking answers to the questions accompanies a child. The life of a teenager, who eagerly looks for, suddenly discovers and calmly rejects, requires energy no less. However, when you reach some kind of an order and stability it turns out that a certain phase of life has just ended. The new one gives us a completely different rhythm – also restless and chaotic at the beginning. It becomes more organized as the time goes by. Reconciliation with the rhythm of the life seems as calmness, smile and joy which eventually become silent. The paths of life alternate, pass and hardly ever notice each other just like our dance in a play. Sound is accompanied by a dance of life, in our case interpreted live and known to all. We invite you to a musical reflection on life in order to stop and join ourselves – poppy seeds which wandering around the world came here at Malta.


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